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Visitors to London's Olympic Park have been taking stairs and elevators up the 375-ft. (114 m) ArcelorMittal Orbit--the U.K.'s tallest sculpture--since 2012...

Ada Louise Huxtable

Ada Louise Huxtable, who was 91 when she died Jan. 7, didn't invent architecture journalism. It just seems that way. When she was hired by the New York Times in...

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Photo Essays

See Eero Saarinen’s Career in Photos

We sit in his chairs, road-trip to his iconic landmarks and even worship in his churches. Eero Saarinen, born in Finland and educated in the U.S., was one of the...

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Green Century

As leaders gather for an earth summit, we bring you a special report on ways to transform industry, cars, energy and architecture

Architecture, Interrupted

Plans for prestigious architecture projects often flourish during boom years; the actual construction, though, can wither after the bubble bursts. Work has...

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