3 Ways Ben Bernanke Revolutionized the Fed

Ben Bernanke's eight-year reign as the global economy's most influential man is coming to a close, and the Fed Chair is taking to the lecture circuit to...

Ben Bernanke Bites Back

Last week I drew attention to a Bloomberg analysis of documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act that said that if you "add up guarantees and...

Where Credit Is Due

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has become a whipping boy for GOP presidential candidates. Newt Gingrich calls Bernanke the most "inflationary, dangerous...

Ben Bernanke to Markets: Chill Out!

One of the more conspicuous ironies of the stock market in recent years is that it tends to go down when the Federal Reserve is forecasting an improved economy...

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Photo Essays

Inside the World of Ben Bernanke

A glimpse into the rarified rooms in Washington where the Fed Chairman oversees the U.S. financial system Photographs by Dan Winters for TIME

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