A Brief History Of: Cloning

Nature may have forgotten about the extinct woolly mammoth, but science has been buzzing about it lately, ever since researchers announced that they had...


On Nov. 19, scientists from Penn State University announced that they had succeeded in piecing together the majority of the woolly mammoth's genome, bringing...

Can Older Cells Solve Cloning's Problems?

If there is one thing that people on both sides of the cloning debate agree upon, it's that cloning is an incredibly inefficient process. When it comes to...

Viewpoint: Cloning Research in Critical Condition

First it was the charge that women in Woo Suk Hwang’s lab had donated their eggs for research, a clear violation of ethical standards. Then came his admission...

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Ten Years of Cloning

The first cloned mammal made her debut in the scientific journal Nature 10 years ago. Here's how Dolly's birth changed the way we think about reproduction

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Moral Compass: Cloning

Scientists are getting better at all kinds of cloning, but the public and Congress are struggling to keep up. Here's a guide to the techniques and where they...

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