You Asked: Can Computers Really Ruin My Eyes?

You spend most of the day staring at a computer, and your tablet or smartphone lull you to sleep at night. What does all that digital screen time do to your...

VIDEO: Kids Think Old Computers Are Dumb

You’ve seen them reacting to rotary phones, the Walkman and other bits of glorious nostalgia that most of us take for granted. Well, these adorable, befuddled...

China Bans Windows 8 on Government Computers

A little over a month after Microsoft officially ended support for its 13-year-old Windows XP operating system, China has decided that the software meant to...

FBI Arrests Over 90 ‘Creepware’ Hackers

The snooping software allowed hackers to gain control of others' computers, and was famously used to take nude pictures of a former Miss Teen USA through her...

9 Ways Quantum Computing Will Change Everything

Computers built on the principles of quantum physics—as opposed to 'classical' physics—promise a revolution on the order of the invention of the microprocessor...

Quantum Computing: A Primer

An animated explanation of superposition, entanglement, and the bizarre properites of computing's next great jump forward

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