6 Myths About Abortion

The anti-abortion side of the debate has created fiction from fact

Official: Texas Can Keep Lethal Drug Source Secret

DALLAS — Texas’ prison system doesn’t have to reveal where it gets its execution drugs, the state attorney general said Thursday, marking a reversal by the...

The Death Penalty’s Underlying Problem

The death penalty illustrates our tendency to separate people into two groups: monsters who commit heinous crimes and everyone else.

Utah Lawmaker Plans to Bring Back Firing Squad

"It sounds like the Wild West, but it's probably the most humane way to kill somebody," said state Rep. Paul Ray, who plans to reintroduce the method of...

Every Execution in U.S. History in a Single Map

  Read “Lethal Injection’s Fatal Flaws” from the May 26, 2014 issue of TIME. Before his lethal injection was delayed at the eleventh hour by a federal appeals...

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