Election 2012: Lessons from Florida

Even though the outcome wasn't decisive, Florida still matters. Per usual in the 21st century, it is the national bellwether.

20 Months of Election Buzzwords in 90 Seconds

As we ready ourselves to greet some new elected officials, we must also say goodbye to some memorable words and phrases. Check out TIME's highlight reel.

Election 2012: Will Newt Gingrich Perk Up Iowa?

It's been quiet in Iowa but Newt Gingrich's tiptoe toward entering the wide-open race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination may finally perk things up...

Moneypoll! The Pundits Vs. The Election-Data Nerds

The other big contest next Tuesday is between the pundits trying to analyze the election with their guts and a new breed of statistics gurus trying to forecast...

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