Fall 2013 Music Preview

Albums from a wide range of artists — including Sting, Pusha T, Justin Timberlake, Janelle Monae, Cvrches, Katy Perry, Arcade Fire, and Lady Gaga

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Chinese workers may be heading to Greenland to tap mineral deposits, the IMF gives Argentina a deadline to comply with its rules on reporting inflation...

Elton John Slams Madonna: “Her Career is Over”

A “fairground stripper.” That’s what Sir Elton John reportedly thinks of Madonna’s latest look in the most recent dust-up of the the music stars’ feud that’s...

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Photo Essays

LIFE With Rock Stars … and Their Parents

They had fame, reams of money and fans willing to do wild, unmentionable things just to breathe the same air — but in its September 24, 1971 issue, LIFE magazine...

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