The Squire of Hyde Park

Of the squire of Hyde Park who wants to be President there are abroad in the land two strong and conflicting views.... Is he bold and courageous and independent or is he just an honest politician whom Fate has tossed to the top? Has he the capacity to govern? Does his mind generate large ideas of political reformation or does he just utter lofty platitudes?


The Myth of FDR’s Secret Disability

The press sometimes described his condition in great detail, and LIFE even published a picture of him in a wheelchair

Rare Video Shows FDR in Concealed Wheelchair

INDIANAPOLIS — A professor at an Indiana college says he has found film footage showing President Franklin Delano Roosevelt being pushed in his wheelchair,...

Hagel: A Different Kind of Defense Secretary

Senator Chuck Hagel’s nomination and inevitable appointment as Secretary of Defense is stirring controversy in the Senate. It should. Hagel’s appointment...

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The Legacy of F.D.R.

Franklin D. Roosevelt led the U.S. through a depression and a world war. By the time he died, the nation was profoundly changed — and we owe much of the change...

10 Elections That Changed America

Sure, the outcome is remarkable. But how will the '08 campaign hold up to history? Can any President shape a country like Lincoln? Save the U.S. like F.D.R.?...

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