Records: Kissinger Made Plans to Attack Cuba

In several White House meetings, Kissinger advocated for strong action to stop Fidel Castro, fearful that his incursion in Africa was making the U.S. look weak

Great Moments in Navy History

The USS Gerald R. Ford will be the first aircraft carrier ever built without urinals, the independent Navy Times reports in a story not yet on line. In a related...

Betty Ford, Former First Lady, Dies at 93

The wife of former president Gerald Ford passed away Friday evening surrounded by family members.  Ford will be remembered as one of the most outspoken First...

Pelosi's Coming-Out Party

It just so happens that incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be launching her career as Democratic House leader the same week that the District hosted...

Different Strokes

After former President Gerald Ford suffered one or possibly two mild strokes while attending the Republican National Convention last week, his doctors quickly...

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