Foroohar: Is Globalization Over?

A fascinating piece today in the FT’s comment and analysis section made the point that there’s a sea change happening in world trade. For 30 years, it’s been...

What Globalization Really Means

A dozen years ago, Peter Drucker predicted what multinational corporations of the future would look like, saying that they were going “to be held together and...

Love in the Time of Globalization

They meet as teenagers, around the same age as Romeo and Juliet. They fall in love. Their families aren't warring, but their love is visa-crossed. When frequent...

The End of Easy Money

It's not the sort of thing most people would lose sleep over. But for the past couple of years, many economic observers--including me--have been fretting about...

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Protests in Prague

Thousands flood the streets of the Czech capital to demonstrate against the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and globalization

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