The Girl in White Gloves

"Grace Kelly, with the lovely blonde hair, chiseled features, blue eyes and an accent that is obviously refined, is a startling change from the run of smoky film sirens and bumptious cuties. ... She is a rich girl who has struck it rich. She was not discovered behind a soda fountain or at a drive-in. She is a star who was never a starlet, who never worked up from B pictures, never posed for cheesecake, was never elected, with a pressagent's help, Miss Antiaircraft Battery C. She did not gush or twitter or desperately pull wires for a chance to get in the movies. Twice she turned down good Hollywood contracts. When she finally signed on the line, she forced mighty M-G-M itself to grant her special terms."


Review: Focus: Can Will Smith Do Cary Grant?

The star takes a welcome break from glowering sci-fi roles to play a criminally smooth operator, with creamy Margot Robbie as his partner-in-con

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Grace Kelly: Portraits of a Star

Before she married Monaco’s Prince Rainier in 1956 and became real-life royalty, Grace Kelly was living a different kind of fairy tale: that of a talented young...

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