VIDEO: Giant Iceberg Breaks Off Greenland Glacier

An ice chunk twice the size of Manhattan broke off of Greenland last week, in another sign of Arctic warming. The 46-square-mile piece of the Petermann Glacier...

Science: Greenland Sunrise

Feb. 3 required some jubilation at Peary Lodge, Polar Year station midway up Greenland's west coast. University of Michigan & Pan American Airways maintain the...

DENMARK: Great Greenland!

Over his Eskimos bushy-bearded Danish Premier Theodore A. M. Stauning broods as anxiously as any hen over her chicks. Last week Herre Stauning's Cabinet...

DENMARK: Greenland for the Eskimos!

"So long as I remain in power," said Prime Minister Stauning in Copenhagen, Denmark last week, "Greenland will not be 'opened up.' I see no reason to start...

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Greenland Odyssey

Photographer Hakan Ludwigson takes an environmental tour of the great frozen island

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