Shera Bechard, Playboy Bunny and Genius

The United States government recently granted Shera Bechard, Canadian-born Playboy model and Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend, a so-called genius visa.

Brief History: Playboy

Playboy has long been a part of the American man's private life. On Jan. 10, the magazine became a more private part of Hugh Hefner's life as the publication's...


ENGAGED Unfazed by a mere 60-year age difference, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, 84, proposed to Playmate and Mansion roommate Crystal Harris, 24, announcing their...

A Hugh Hefner Documentary: Airbrushed

Gene Simmons, Kiss front man, gets the first quote: "Show me any guy, of any age, anywhere in the world, at any time in history, today or tomorrow, that...

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Top 9 Successful Ex–Playboy Bunnies

This weekend, Hugh Hefner rolled out a new Playboy Club in London. TIME takes a look at former bunnies who moved on to much better things

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