John Updike

If John Updike ever had a bad day, he never let on--not even on the golf course, where his scorecards were so precise they looked like little annotated galley...

Updike at Rest.

What everybody always comes back to is the style--that thing Updike did with words that other writers couldn't. They loved it, they quoted it, they studied it,...

John Updike, Literary Heavyweight

The crown of "greatness" never sat easily on the snowcapped head of John Updike, one of the great writers of the 20th century, who died from lung cancer on...

The Corrections.

They don't have much else in common, but Philip Roth, John Updike and Toni Morrison do resemble one another in at least one respect: their ages. Roth is 75 this...

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Top 10 John Updike Books

On the occasion of John Updike's passing, TIME takes a look at the prolific author's most memorable works.

Top 10 Longest Sequel Gaps

John Updike's The Widows of Eastwick arrives almost a quarter century after its predecessor. Yet it ranks relatively low on the list of all-time greatest waits...

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