The First Lady Bird

"Cynical sophisticates find it hard to believe, but Lady Bird's life is totally dominated by a genuine devotion to her role as Lyndon Johnson's mate. She is the traditional countrywoman, the wife who by her very nature tunes all her labor and all her love to harmonize with the ambitions of her husband. In the tradition of Southern plantation patriarchies, Lyndon Johnson is head of the family—period. And as he himself admits, 'I'm not the easiest man to live with.' He strongly influences her tastes —in clothes, coiffure and makeup. He has been known to swat Lady Bird so hard on the behind that her feet nearly leave the floor. Sometimes, when after-dinner drinks have flowed for a while, he launches into a few bawdy stories, fires out cuss words like buckshot. But Lady Bird sits by serenely, smiling faintly or gazing out a window."


Lady Bird Johnson, 1912-2007

In the often brutal game of national politics where Lady Bird Johnson dwelt in some manner for nearly 70 years she was, said Hugh Sidey, TIME's late chronicler...

The First Green First Lady: Lady Bird Johnson

She came into the world in 1912 as Claudia Alta Taylor. But by the time she was 2, her nursemaid had declared that she was "pretty as a lady bird." And with...

Billy Graham's First Family Trifecta

Last Wednesday, between a Cabinet meeting and an address on the future of U.S.-Cuban relations, President George W. Bush had a long-overdue lunch with his old...

The Nation: First Ladies Out Front

Of all the sights to emerge from the National Women's Conference, perhaps none was more compelling than the panoply of three First Ladies of the U.S., all...

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