TV Weekend: Liz and Dick

Liz and Dick is possibly the worst TV movie of the year, and therefore probably the most successful.

Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011

"Men!" The gorgeous teenager shrugs her shoulders and ponders the inanities of the lesser gender. "The minute we're alone, he just wants to kiss me. And he says...

Lives of the Unsinkable Liz

W.C. Fields described Mae West as "a plumber's dream of Cleopatra." It was Elizabeth Taylor, though, who became the most famous, and the silliest, Cleopatra,...

Show Business: The Mellifluous Prince of Disorder

Richard Burton: 1925-1984 The magnificent baritone was not merely a voice. It was an orchestra of enormous range and power, and when it was silenced last week,...

Books: The Saga of Ruffian Dick

THE DEVIL DRIVES: A LIFE OF SIR RICHARD BURTON by Fawn M. Brodie. 390 pages. Norton. $6.95. The Victorian age can now be seen as an outburst of bourgeois...

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