More Than a Brother

"Bobby lacks his brother's easy grace; he is earthier, bristling in his loyalties (the U.S., Jack, and his church; other Kennedys; other Democrats), implacable in his enmities. Jack has been called the first Irish Brahmin; Bobby is the Irish Puritan, not an ascetic but a man of burning zeal. If he does not want to become President, it is safe to say that he wants his brother to become a great President, assisted by a great Attorney General. Meanwhile, as President John Kennedy of the U.S. had long known, as the U.S. has come to realize, as the peoples of the nations he visited were discovering, Bobby Kennedy is a power in his own right."



Political TV docudramas, not unlike the Bay of Pigs invasion, are proxy wars. The battles over them tend to be less about their lasting effect on history and...

Eunice Kennedy Shriver

She's the one we all wanted to be like, said her brother Bobby Kennedy. In another age, she's the one who could have been elected President, said Jack, the...

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Twiggy: Rare Photos of a Sixties Icon

London in the late-1960s was as central to the look and feel of that fabled era as any place on earth. The music that emerged from England (the Beatles, the...

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