See where GOP candidate Mitt Romney has just released a roster of more than 300 retired generals and admirals who are endorsing him for President. They range...

The General: Straight Shooter

When two soldiers under fire are thrown into the same foxhole, survival depends on putting any differences aside. Perhaps that explains why General Tommy Franks...

Person of the Week: Gen. Tommy Franks

There are plenty of war heroes on the screen these days — Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, even Josh Hartnett is killing bad guys in a theater near you. The Gulf War...

Happy 10th, Afghan War

I vividly recall being in the Pentagon 10 years ago today, awaiting the beginning of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, a military counterpunch to the 9/11...

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TIME spends a weeks at the U.S. Central Command as General Tommy Franks manages the war in Afghanistan

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