Photo Essays

A Civilian Casualty in Afghanistan

Photographer Adam Ferguson witnesses a mortar strike that kills a young girl in Marjah Photographs by Adam Ferguson / VII Network for TIME

U.S. Strikes

The barrage of cruise missiles continued over Afghanistan as U.S. fighter planes targeted Taliban military installations and Al Qaedasanctuaries

The Food Aid Lands

Heavy on beans and lentils, small yellow packages of U.S. food aid are descending on Afghanistan. Some goes to hungry refugees - and some goes to market

The Famine the World Forgot

Caught between war and natural disaster, refugees from Afghanistan's endless infighting now find themselves further trapped by a relentless winter and an aid...

Prince William: Action Hero

In the aftermath of His Royal Highness' secret visit to meet British troops in Afghanistan, a look back at the many guises of the second-in-line to Britain's...

2001 The Year in Pictures

From the attack on the WTC to the war in Afghanistan to an Indian earthquake, the images of 2001 were too much steeped in blood

The Battle for Konduz

Images from the Northern Alliance's final assault on the Taliban in northern Afghanistan