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Do Muslim Women Need Saving?

A moral crusade to rescue oppressed Muslim women from their cultures and their religion has swept the public sphere, dissolving distinctions between...

A Continuing Call to Service

At the end of the book If I Die in a Combat Zone: Box Me Up and Ship Me Home, Tim O’Brien’s searing memoir of life as an infantry grunt in the Vietnam War, he...

Who's Who on the CIA Payroll

Allegations that Afghan President Hamid Karzai's brother worked for the CIA are a reminder of a long list of distinguished and not-so-distinguished assets

The Afghan Diaries

A former U.S. Army captain embeds as a journalist with his old unit, which has been reassigned to Afghanistan after several years in Iraq

Top 10 Prison Escapes

On April 25, more than 480 inmates (including many Taliban) escaped from a notorious prison in Kandahar. TIME takes a look at other extraordinary prison breaks

Top 10 Militant Animals

A sensationalist report in the Chinese press claims Afghanistan's Taliban has been training monkeys to wage war. TIME takes a look at animals pressed into...

Top 10 Evil Lairs

For years, the accepted wisdom was that Osama bin Laden was holed up in a cave along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. It turns out he was living in a rather...

Who's Who in the Battle Against the Taliban

President Obama's announcement that the U.S. will send another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan in 2010 has re-focused attention on the fight against the Taliban,...