The Ascent of Ann Romney

"With Ann Romney, what you see is what you get, except when it’s not. The would-be First Lady is indeed a picture-perfect country-club Republican woman, bright and attractive at 63, with a rich, handsome husband and five thriving sons, a romper room of grandchildren, multiple houses, a stable of horses and — in the slightly tone-deaf words of her ambitious spouse — 'a couple of Cadillacs.' As such, she makes a tempting target for liberal critics who look at her pedigree and equestrian pastime and paint her as hopelessly privileged and out of touch, a woman who — in the condescending words for which Democratic lobbyist Hilary Rosen later apologized — 'never worked a day in her life.' But no matter what political ad makers might want us to believe, no one can be summed up in a single image or cartoon...."


Amid Video Controversy, Romney Punches Back

Dallas, Texas If Mitt Romney is panicking, it’s hard to tell. As Democrats salivate and Republicans squirm over a surreptitiously recorded video that shows...

Is Romney Fighting the Last War?

From the start, Mitt Romney had a clear strategy for winning the White House. He would run as the candidate of the ideological establishment, the Republican...

See Mitt Run By Mark Halperin

With Mitt Romney locked in a tough fight for the White House, Republican strategists inside and outside his campaign are mentally composing a long to-do list for...

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