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Hootenanny: 10 Great Folk-Music Movies

As ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ reminds us, Hollywood’s acoustic guitar heroes are always torn between art and commerce

Rock Art: 9 Album Covers Reviewed

Our expert panel -- designers and art directors -- share their thoughts on album covers from Justin Timberlake, The Strokes, and others

Unusual Art: The Body as Canvas

Last weekend, Austria played host to the 15th Annual World Bodypainting Festival. Over 200 participants from 40 countries worldwide competed in categories...

Wearable Art

Hèrmes transcends the boundary between art and fashion with exquisite scarves created by visionary guest artists

Top 10 Art Accidents

On Jan. 22, 2010, a New York Metropolitan Museum of Art visitor accidentally fell into The Actor, a 105-year-old painting by Pablo Picasso, ripping the canvas...

15 Exceptional Gifts for Mother's Day

Discover something unique and lovely for every kind of mom, whether she's an art expert or a beach lover, a technology maven or the woman who has everything.

Top 10 Everything 2003

Epic times call for epic art, and nothing moved us more than The Return of the King. Other things we loved: Louis Vuitton, William Boyd and BBC's The Office...

Great Movie Performances

Acting is a difficult art, but the best actors make it invisible, the better to merge with their characters. TIME pays tribute to eight artists who helped us...

Top 10 Plundered Artifacts

History is big business. Plundered art and antiquities trade to the tune of at least $3 billion a year, much to the chagrin of nations struggling to reclaim...

2008 Summer Arts Preview

From the newest tunes to the latest art exhibits, the freshest TV shows to the hottest movies, a survey of the artistic offerings to come in the summer of '08

Summer Arts Preview

From the blockbusters you know about to the art exhibitions you should know about, we preview the pop culture events of the summer

Fall Arts Preview

Here comes fall, earnest and urgent, whispering of Important Books and Movies in Oscar Contention and Controversial Art Exhibitions. TIME'S editors and critics...