Photo Essays

Obama Accepts the Nobel Peace Prize

President Barack Obama becomes the third sitting American president to receive the award, which was established 108 years ago by Alfred Nobel, a wealthy chemist...

President Obama Goes West

The President visits Colorado, Montana and Arizona to discuss his health-care plan and drops in on Yellowstone National Park Photographs by Olivier Douliery...

Life in the Afghan National Army

A look at the troops who President Obama hopes will someday provide security in Afghanistan reveals a force with limited resources Photographs by Scott Olson...

Hu Jintao's Day at the White House

Photographer Brooks Kraft captures the Chinese President's historic meeting with President Obama Photographs by Brooks Kraft / Corbis for TIME

Joe the Plumber, War Correspondent

Samuel Wurzelbacher, the man who gained fame by quizzing Barack Obama about his tax plan, tries his hand at a new career: war correspondent

Presidential Palm-Reading

Amid all the scrutiny of Barack Obama's first 100 days in office — and comparisons to his predecessors — we asked a palm-reading expert to assess the palms of...

Joe Biden

Obama's pick for Vice President is one of the most experienced men in Washington