Boardwalk Empire Watch: I Confess

We're at about the halfway point of season two, and this is a good time to reflect on what's going right and wrong in overall.

Boardwalk Empire Watch: Do It Yourself

It feels like Boardwalk Empire just aired an excellent series finale. It just happened to do it, very likely, several seasons before the show will actually have...

Boardwalk Empire Watch: Crank Up the Old Victrola

Spoiler alert: Before you read this post, stop reading that derivative script about the rich society boy who falls for the servant girl and watch last night's...

Boardwalk Empire Watch: Unjust Deserts

In "Georgia Peach," an episode about retribution but not justice, Boardwalk's moral universe exacts payback--often, from the innocent.

Boardwalk Empire Watch: The House Is on Fire

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen “Ging Gang Goolie,” sit around a campfire and watch before reading on. Everyone’s façade began to burn on last night’s...

Boardwalk Empire Watch: Get Me a Wet Towel

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen “You’d Be Surprised,” have someone strap a belt around your neck before reading on. It’s not a huge surprise that Rosetti’s...

Boardwalk Empire Watch: Do the Right Thing

An excellent showcase episode for Kelly Macdonald asks: What's the difference between doing the right thing and merely doing the righteous thing?