Burma’s Backward Steps

As its reforms stall, Burma is again drawing power from 
 its military past. Is democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi fighting back hard enough?

Thailand Sends 1,300 Rohingya Back to Hell

Rohingya asylum seekers are being returned to Burma, which they fled after having endured violent persecution and sectarian bloodshed

Burma Journalists Protest Reporter’s Jail Term

(Rangoon, Burma) — Dozens of journalists staged a rare demonstration Tuesday morning in Burma's biggest city to protest a jail term given to a reporter who was...

U.S. Seeks Limited Military Ties With Burma

(WASHINGTON) — The Obama administration faced strong bipartisan opposition Wednesday to plans for limited U.S. engagement with Burma's powerful military due to...

Indonesia Jails 14 Rohingya for Deadly Brawl

(MEDAN, Indonesia) — An Indonesian court sentenced 14 Rohingya asylum seekers from Myanmar to nine months in jail for their role in a deadly brawl at an...