Photo Essays

Photographer Spotlight: Michael Rougier

Born in England on June 16, 1925, Michael Rougier began his career as a photographer for the Montreal Standard newspaper. His big break came when he was assigned...

Joe Frazier: Remembering a Warrior

The universe of sport is built on rivalries. It doesn’t really matter if the rivalry involves two teams (Michigan and Ohio State, Liverpool and Man U), countries...

Brooklyn Bridge: The Perfect Span

Most of us have a favorite bridge. That is to say, most everyone has, in his or her mind’s eye, a structure that surpasses all others in the requisite traits: it...

A Brief History of Olympic Sore Losers

Russia's Evegni Plushenko believes he deserved the men's figure-skating gold medal instead of silver at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. In honor of his poor...

SARS Outbreak

In Canada and Asia people struggle to deal with the spread of a deadly disease

Oil in the Sand

In Canada's Alberta Province, Syncrude is mining black gold hand over fist Photographs for TIME by Todd Korol / Aurora Select

The Olympics' Fabulous Fans

Sports fans from around the world have traveled to Vancouver to cheer on their home teams, bringing a hopeful spirit and suitcases full of wacky hats and wigs