Photo Essays

Bill Murray: Eyes Wide Shut

The Toronto Film Festival recently announced that today, Sept. 5, 2014, will be celebrated as “Bill Murray Day” in tribute to the actor and his many (and...

Photographer Spotlight: Michael Rougier

Born in England on June 16, 1925, Michael Rougier began his career as a photographer for the Montreal Standard newspaper. His big break came when he was assigned...

Joe Frazier: Remembering a Warrior

The universe of sport is built on rivalries. It doesn’t really matter if the rivalry involves two teams (Michigan and Ohio State, Liverpool and Man U), countries...

Brooklyn Bridge: The Perfect Span

Most of us have a favorite bridge. That is to say, most everyone has, in his or her mind’s eye, a structure that surpasses all others in the requisite traits: it...

A Brief History of Olympic Sore Losers

Russia's Evegni Plushenko believes he deserved the men's figure-skating gold medal instead of silver at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. In honor of his poor...

SARS Outbreak

In Canada and Asia people struggle to deal with the spread of a deadly disease

Oil in the Sand

In Canada's Alberta Province, Syncrude is mining black gold hand over fist Photographs for TIME by Todd Korol / Aurora Select

The Olympics' Fabulous Fans

Sports fans from around the world have traveled to Vancouver to cheer on their home teams, bringing a hopeful spirit and suitcases full of wacky hats and wigs