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The TIME Invention Poll

ABOUT THIS POLL The TIME Invention Poll, in cooperation with Qualcomm, was a survey of 10,197 people in seven mature markets (South Korea, the U.S., Germany,...

China's Century -- or India's?

With so many of the world's economies in tatters, the combined might of China and India could spearhead global growth in the coming decades. Are they up to the...

Top 10 Chinese Knockoffs

China's industrious electronics pirates are trying to beat Apple at its own game again by rushing out a copycat 4G iPhone before the real thing even hits the...

World Economic Forum

Once the world's sweatshop, China tries to transform itself as labor costs rise

The G-8 Summit 2008

China wants clean technology; Japan, an old rival, has it to sell. Why necessity is trumping animosity in the global-warming fight

100 Olympic Athletes To Watch

From Australia to Zimbabwe, China to the U.S., TIME takes you on a world tour to introduce you to the most compelling athletes you'll be seeing in the Beijing...

Hong Kong 1997-2007

It has been 10 years since the handover, and Hong Kong sparkles. But can it find still greater success in a changing China -- and a changing world?

Style & Design: Global Luxury Survey

In this first installment of a four-part series, TIME measures the affluent consumer's appetite for luxury brands in exciting global markets: China, India,...