Photo Essays

A New Record of Small Town America

It is little more than a decade since Alec Soth’s first book Sleeping by the Mississippi—and his sophomore publication Niagara—established him as one of...

Inside Colorado's Marijuana Industry

One of 15 states that allows some form of medical marijuana, Colorado has seen a burst of business activity around the sale and distribution of grass...

Colorado Wildfires

Raging fires in Colorado displace residents and approach Denver city limits

Cold War Mountain

Life at NORAD's Colorado Bunker Hideaway Photographs for TIME by Matt Slaby

Cannabis Conventions

In California and Colorado, medical marijuana growers, consumers and enthusiasts come together to talk pot

Denver is Beer Country

Photographer David Bowman provides a visual tasting tour of Colorado's best microbreweries

Welcome to Prison Valley

Fremont County, Colorado, has made incarceration a local specialty industry Photographs by Philippe Brault / Agence Vu / Aurora

President Obama Goes West

The President visits Colorado, Montana and Arizona to discuss his health-care plan and drops in on Yellowstone National Park Photographs by Olivier Douliery...