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All the Rage in Detroit

The favorite color of the North American International Auto Show? Green, of course. Hence the lithium ion batteries and biofuel engines. But there were also the...

The Committee To Save Detroit

They're not really a committee — some of these people can get fairly crosswise with one another — but if Detroit is going to turn itself around, it'll happen...

Detroit-Three Math

Too many brands, not enough sales. How can they survive?

Detroit's Big Three CEOs

TIME examines the lives and times of the American auto industry's three biggest CEOs.

The 2009 Detroit Auto Show

The auto show returns to the Motor City, but this time with a focus on electric models, hybrids, batteries and fuel economy

Top 10 Beauty-Pageant Scandals

There was much teeth gnashing after pictures surfaced of Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih pole dancing (fully clothed) during a 2007 Detroit radio show contest. Is that...

The 50 Worst Cars of All Time

As the North American International Auto Show kicks off in Detroit, TIME and Dan Neil, Pulitzer Prize-winning automotive critic and syndicated columnist for the...