Europe Has a Jihadi Superhighway Problem

Extremists are exploiting EU security gaps to exit Syria and Iraq and return to the West undetected, leading to a “terrorist diaspora”

U.K. Edges Toward Departure from European Union

As Britain's Conservative Party holds its last party conference ahead of May's general elections, the Euroskeptic message looks like a winning one

How Putin Got His Way In Ukraine

By agreeing to delay the full implementation of a trade deal with Ukraine, the European Union effectively accepted Moscow’s dominance

EU to Slap New Sanctions on Russia Over Ukraine

BRUSSELS (AP) — European Union leaders on Saturday were poised to impose new sanctions against Russia as Ukraine’s president warned the conflict with Moscow...

Far Right, Euroskeptics Make Big Gains in EU Vote

BRUSSELS — Exit polls showed the far right and Euroskeptics making sweeping gains in European Parliament elections Sunday, signaling a major political shift...

Europe’s Right Turn

Anti-E.U. populists may have scored big at the ballot box, but they’re wrong on foreign policy

Americans Will Never Have the Right to Be Forgotten

Privacy has just taken on new meaning in Europe. The European Union’s highest court has ruled that any of the region’s 500 million citizens can compel Google and...

Ukraine Pact Marks an Unexpected Victory for the E.U.

The pact negotiated today in Kiev that de-escalates Ukraine's crisis is in part thanks to the E.U., whose previous timid involvement in the country's troubles...