France Wants to Ban Child Beauty Pageants

The events are popular in small towns throughout the country, but now the French Senate has passed a measure that would block minors from participating in them

Killing of a Jewelry Thief Divides France

The case of a jeweler who is facing murder charges for shooting dead a fleeing thief has become a subject of intense debate in France. Prosecutors have charged...

France Arrests Man in Soldier’s Stabbing

(PARIS) — A 22-year-old man was arrested Wednesday in the stabbing of a French soldier who was attacked while on patrol in a crowded commercial area outside...

Meet France’s First Married Gay Couple

For a moment, the wedding on Wednesday felt like a dizzy blast of romance, as Nat King Cole’s classic song, “Love was made for me and you,” blared out of the...

Will France Lead the U.S. into Syria?

If the U.S. is "leading from behind," they're following the French. First in Iran, Libya, and Mali and now, some hope, on Syria.

France Bids Adieu to the Word ‘Hashtag’

In a bid to preserve the French language, the government has officially banned the common Twitter word 'hashtag' and suggests replacing it with 'mot-dièse'