Photo Essays

51 TIME Magazine Covers Featuring a Bush

Stick around American politics long enough, and your story becomes the country’s. That’s one lesson from the longevity of the Bush family. Though not every Bush...

The Burden of Proof

George W. Bush turns up the heat on Saddam Hussein and prepares the country for possible war

A President's Life

Photographer Christopher Morris captures George W. Bush in public and private moments

Remnants of Florida's 2000 Recount

Many of the items relating to the controversial election between George W. Bush and Al Gore have been preserved at the State Archives and the Old Capitol Museum...

Welcome to Crawford, Texas, 2009

After eight years as the antiwar movement's epicenter, George W. Bush's home away from home slowly returns to normal Photographs by Misty Keasler for TIME

George H.W. Bush Turns 90

The 41st president of the United States celebrates his ninth decade of life on Wednesday. George Herbert Walker Bush served as commander-in-chief from 1989-1993,...