GOP Prepares for an Energy Battle

How the Republican Senate will tackle the Keystone XL pipeline, carbon emissions, renewable subsidies and more

Boehner Reelected As House Speaker

After extending their party’s House majority to the largest margin in decades, the top Republican Congressmen will all return to leadership roles for another two...

In The Latest Issue

The Power of Taylor Swift How pop’s savviest romantic conquered the music business Corps Values To avoid another Ferguson, we should be taking a lesson on police...

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Photo Essays

Growing Up Romney: Mitt’s Early World

The childhood narratives that inform the public’s perception of so many political figures —Abe Lincoln’s log cabin; George Washington’s cherry tree; JFK’s...

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Morning Must Read: February 10

Millions are trapped in an ObamaCare coverage gap, earning too little for subsidies but too much for benefits under existing Medicaid programs. [WSJ] ...

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