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Morning Must Read: February 10

Millions are trapped in an ObamaCare coverage gap, earning too little for subsidies but too much for benefits under existing Medicaid programs. [WSJ] ...

The January 30 Republican Debate

As a testament to his suddenly strong position in the battle for the GOP nomination, says Mark Halperin, the Senator showed off all of his worst traits — and...

11 Great Secret Service Code Names

As GOP Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan's Secret Service code name come to light, TIME takes a look back at some of the better Secret Service monikers...

Mitt Romney's Top 10 Gaffes

The 2008 presidential campaign is just a few months old, but Republican fundraising leader Mitt Romney has already made a career's worth of memorable media...

The Second Republican Debate

Missed the debate? The long shots threw some jabs and the favorites played defense. Mark Halperin grades all of their performances

The First Republican Debate

Mark Halperin gives Mitt Romney the highest marks on a night that produced no gaffes, but also created no major shifts in the Presidential pecking order

The December 12 Republican Debate

In the last GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses, Huckabee kept his momentum on track and Thompson was better than usual, says Mark Halperin. And Alan Keyes is...

Republican Surprise: 10 More Scott Browns

Scott Brown's surprise victory in the Massachusetts Senate race has given Republicans new confidence in challenging Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections...

The October 21 Republican Debate

McCain came out swinging and Giuliani swatted Thompson, but everyone agreed: Hillary in the White House is a nightmare for the GOP

Republican National Convention

On the final night of the Republican Convention, John McCain followed a number of underwhelming warm up acts to deliver a solid, but not spectacular, performance...

The January 24 Republican Debate

Mitt has a moment — just when he needed one. But for the rest of the field, it was a snooze-fest of missed opportunities

The January 10 Republican Debate

John McCain seemed the confident frontrunner, Mike Huckabee was the regular guy, and Fred Thompson played the attack dog. Mark Halperin scores the South Carolina...

Fred Thompson's Filmography

The Watergate lawyer, Tennessee senator and 2008 Republican presidential hopeful has built an impressive resume of gruff yet avuncular supporting roles on TV and...

The 10 Keys to the Caucus

With both the Republican and Democratic races in Iowa too close to call, the winner could turn on such small but crucial factors as snowflakes and babysitters

The September 5 Republican Debate

McCain was back in stride, while Romney was off his game, says Mark Halperin of last night's Thompson-free gathering

The June 5 Republican Debate

In perhaps their last scrimmage without Fred Thompson, Mark Halperin says Rudy, Romney and McCain had their way with the crowded field

The October 9 Republican Debate

Thompson was shaky but adequate in his first debate appearance, says Mark Halperin, but overall it was Giuliani who dominated in Dearborn