What Has Happened to Hong Kong’s Triads?

A "classic triad hit" on a former newspaper editor reminds people that the fearsome organized crime gangs are still around, but in different forms

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John Dominis: Photographer Spotlight

[NOTE: John Dominis, one of LIFE magazine's most versatile staff photographers and one of the most celebrated photojournalists of the 20th century, died on...

"Hong Kong, a day in the life ..."

Palani Mohan presents a compelling series of pictures of ordinary people goingabout their lives, which feature in his upcoming book ""Hong Kong Life""

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The 5 Places in Hong Kong Snowden Should Hide In

As Prism leaker Edward Snowden has discovered to his cost, a well-known Hong Kong hotel like the Mira is no place to go to ground. So where would a young white...

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