Photo Essays

Life in the West Bank Settlements

Girded against the enmity of the Palestinians who surround them, the settlers carry on. Photographs by Uriel Sinai / Getty for TIME

Israel's Deadly Assault on Gaza

The latest raids began days after a six-month cease-fire lapsed, resulting in some of the deadliest violence in the troubled territory in decades.

Attack in Gaza

Israel strikes at Salah Shehade, killing the Hamas leader and 14 others

Gaza Border Tension

An flood of Palestinians into Egypt seeking daily necessities complicates relations between two Arab neighbors

After the Siege

Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip attempt to rebuild their shattered communities

Gaza Digs Out

After weeks of deadly Israeli attacks, the residents of the Gaza Strip try to make sense of what is left

The Way of Sorrows

TIME Europe's photographic coverage of the continuing violence in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza

Israel Votes

A photographic look at Ariel Sharon's landslide victory in Israel