Photo Essays

How to Make Charcoal in Gaza

After years of border blockades and commodity shortages, Gazans have become expert at recycling and making new out of old—in this instance, turning scrap wood...

The Tunnel Economy of Gaza

Photographer Richard Mosse goes deep underground to document how goods flow into the tiny coastal territory

The Look of Israel at 60

On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish state, photographer Tivadar Domaniczky finds a silver lining of hope in the region's cloudy...

Fighting the Peace

In Gaza, a deadly assault by Palestinian militants - and a forceful Israeli respnse - derail negotiations

A Wall in Gaza Comes Down

Cut off from supplies by an Israeli embargo, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip toppled the wall that separates them from Egypt and streamed into the neighboring...

60 Years of Israel

TIME-LIFE photographer David Rubinger's new book, Israel Through My Lens, is the definitive record of the 60 years since Israel's independence

Ramallah Under Siege

Israel occupies the West Bank town of Ramallah, as terror continues to explode at home

Israel Battles with Fear and Grief

Criticised by the world for what it sees as doing no more than tackling terror and fighting for its very existence, Israel battles with fear and grief

President Obama’s First Trip to Israel

Barack Obama makes a historic first trip to Israel where he is expected to discuss Iran’s nuclear program and the ongoing civil war in Syria. He is also slated...