The Magic of Dubliners

One hundred years since its publication, here’s how James Joyce still kicks readers in the heart

A TIME Writer to Remember: Paul Gray, 1940-2010

When Paul Gray left the English faculty at Princeton for a job at TIME in 1972, he quickly discovered a gifted new writer: himself. He established a reputation...

The People v. James Joyce

Happy Bloomsday! Stanford University professor Carol Shloss marked the 102nd anniversary last week of the epic trek through Dublin by Stephen Bloom, hero of...

A Night to Remember

You certainly can't tell this book by its cover — a portrait of five men, in formal smoking jackets and white ties, at the champagne-and-cigar end of a meal...

Books: A Student Of History

History. James Joyce called it a nightmare from which he was trying to awake. But for E.L. Doctorow it's more of an ill-defined dream state that he doggedly...

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