Morning Must Reads: Price

The pricetag on Obama’s forthcoming stimulus proposal: $300 billion, a little more than half of which would go to extending the payroll tax cut and unemployment...

Dempsey: If Campaign Fails, Ground Troops Possible

(WASHINGTON) — The nation’s top military leader told Congress on Tuesday that if President Barack Obama’s expanded military campaign to destroy Islamic...

Hillary Clinton Flips a Steak in Iowa

As speculation about 2016 reaches fever pitch, former Secretary of State teases crowd: "Well it is true, I am thinking about it"

Seth Meyers Launches His Late Night

His first 12:35 show is a little newsy, a little self-deprecating--and just possibly, a little more traditional than Jimmy Fallon's Tonight.

Morning Must Reads: February 7

In the news: Winter Olympics begin in Sochi; Russia claims U.S. is meddling over Ukraine; Immigration reform going nowhere fast ; Sen. Max Baucus confirmed as...