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Morning Must Read: February 10

Millions are trapped in an ObamaCare coverage gap, earning too little for subsidies but too much for benefits under existing Medicaid programs. [WSJ] ...

WATCH LIVE: Obama Unveils New Gun Control Proposals

TIME’s cover this week features “The Gunfighters,” the trio of politicians on the front lines of a new gun-control plan in the wake of last month’s Sandy Hook...

Joe Biden's Defining Moments

From 26 years in the Senate to two failed Presidential campaigns, the experiences that forged Obama's Veep nominee

The September 26 Democratic Debate

John Edwards and Joe Biden won points for taking the gloves off against Hillary, says Mark Halperin, while Obama played it a little too cool

The November 15 Democratic Debate

In a debate that happened in Vegas but has major implications for Iowa, Mark Halperin says Clinton rebounded while Joe Biden shined

The June 28 Democratic Debate

Obama and Clinton scored big at a forum focused on America's minority communities. But the most memorable — and odd — performance of the night went to Joe...