John McCain To Write For Pravda

Senator will respond to Putin's op-ed with a piece in the Russian newspaper thanks to some crafty matchmaking by an American magazine

Obama Meeting With McCain on Syria

The White House meeting has the president seeking support for action in Syria from his former presidential rival

Syrian Woman Confronts John McCain At Town Hall

John McCain's favored method of conducting politics is the town hall, in part because you never know just what is going to happen. On Thursday, at a town hall in...

What John McCain Doesn’t Know

Senator McCain made a well-publicized trip to Syria and may have posed with extremist kidnappers. I don't blame McCain for this. It's hard to advance a trip...

John McCain Wants to Lower Your Cable Bill

In an ideal world, television viewers would only pay for those shows and channels that they actually care about. The concept, known as TV a la carte, has been a...