Photo Essays

Photos: Gaddafi's Bizarre Fashion

Muammar Gaddafi cultivated a collection of bizarre ensembles. During four decades of ruthless rule, the "Brother Leader" likely didn't get much pushback from his...

Photos: Gaddafi's Final Moments

A photographic account of Gaddafi's last moments in Sirt and Misratah. Warning: The following gallery contains photos that are extremely graphic.

Inside a Libyan Police Station

On a tour of a torched police station in Zawiyah given by Libyan authorities, signs of torture and execution by Gaddafi's government are found. Editors' Note:...

Muammar Gaddafi's Tripoli

TIME photographer Christopher Morris photographs life in the Libyan capital — where a rally belies the fighting elsewhere in the country Christopher Morris...

Libya's Roman Ruins

NATO refuses to say that it will refrain from bombing an ancient UNESCO heritage site if it knew Gaddafi was hiding military equipment there; a look at some of...

The Libyan Conflict

Rebels and forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi fight for control of the country

Flight from Misratah

As Gaddafi's forces attack, migrant workers and others brave shelling to exit the besieged city