Business: The Nashville Knife

In order to persuade his reluctant son Franklin to join the family firm, W. Maxey Jarman once threatened to cut off his inheritance. Even after Franklin, now 41,...

THE SOUTH: Settlement in Nashville

After three months of sit-ins marked by a near-riot, mass arrests and the dynamiting of a Negro city councilman's home, urbane Nashville last week asserted its...

National Affairs: Encounter at Nashville

Into the Tennessee State Capitol at Nashville tramped 250 demonstrators bearing banners that read TENNESSEE BETRAYED, SEGREGATION OR WAR, and GOD, THE ORIGINAL...

A Second Look At: Nashville

It began the fall as my most-anticipated new network show, and as it takes a break for the holidays, it's the one new show (with Last Resort already canceled)...

TV Tonight: Nashville

This country-music rivalry is aiming big, to capture a city and a generational story, and it has a strong sense of music as both dream and business.

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Photo Essays

Nashville Cleans Up

The country music capital tries to salvage what it can after a devastating flood

Voters Gallery

People tell us who they voted for and whyReported by: Charlotte Faltermayer / Scotch Plains and Elisabeth Kauffman / Nashville

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