Photo Essays

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, 1924-2013

Flamboyant New York City Mayor Ed Koch, the brash politician who oversaw the city’s financial recovery during three city hall terms, has died at age 88.

Carrying a Torch

From Atlanta to New York City, the first leg of the Olympic Torch's journey was filled with familiar faces and poignant moments

Top Cat

Cat fanciers descend on New York's Madison Square Garden for the fifth annual CFA-IAMS Cat Championships

Brooklyn Bridge: The Perfect Span

Most of us have a favorite bridge. That is to say, most everyone has, in his or her mind’s eye, a structure that surpasses all others in the requisite traits: it...

A Giant Win Super Bowl XLII

Against the odds, the New York Giants defeated the previously unbeaten New England Patriots 17-14. Relive the memories from a classic Super Bowl right here.

Nightclub Hand Signals: A Primer looks back at New York's legendary watering hole, the Stork Club, in its heyday and, specifically, at the creative hand signals employed by owner...

LIFE at Coney Island: Sea and the City

The boardwalk. Nathan’s Famous hot dogs. The Cyclone. The blue-gray waters of the Atlantic. Not too many places in America so readily evoke the evanescent...