Nora Ephron’s Best Film Moments

Nora Ephron, whose sharp dialogue and sweet storylines dominated the romantic comedy landscape of the 1990s, passed away June 26 at 71. But she was much more...

Nora Ephron: Remembering Everything

Nora Ephron, who wrote and directed iconic modern romantic comedies and served as the wry voice of multiple generations, died Tuesday of pneumonia, a...

Nora Ephron: A Life of Voice and Detail

As wives are wont to do, mine announced one evening in 1992 that we were going to a movie. The movie was This Is My Life, the writer and first-time director was...

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Nora Ephron's Best Film Moments

The writer of When Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail died June 26 at 71. NewsFeed looks back at some of her greatest cinematic achievements.

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