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Top 10 Environmental Disasters

As the Gulf of Mexico oil spill shows little sign of abating, TIME takes a look back at history's greatest environmental tragedies

Top 10 Celebrity Do-Gooders

Having spent $24 million building machines that extract oil out of water, Kevin Costner hopes to help clean up the Gulf Coast. TIME looks at some of the most...

Top 10 Audacious Acts of Piracy

On Nov. 15, Somali pirates seized a Saudi supertanker and $100 million worth of crude oil. TIME takes a look at the worst (or is it best?) pirates in history

TIME's Annual Journey: 1989

From the Berlin Wall to the Web, from Tiananmen Square to a moment in South Africa, from an oil spill to a banned book — how a year of both hope and despair...

Voter's Guide To the Issues

The real fight is just around the corner in the general election. And the competing Democratic and Republican approaches to the key issues are like oil and...