Grass Bugs Plague Northeast Oregon Community

(ELGIN, Ore.) — Crickets aren't the problem in the Cricket Flat region of Elgin, Ore. Rather, it's an infestation of grass bugs. The Oregon State University...

Happy Boring & Dull Day!

Residents of the two unfortunately named towns -- one in Orgeon, the other in Scotland -- want you to know that they're not as uninteresting as they sound

Oregon Muslim Sues FBI, Claims Torture

(PORTLAND, Ore.) — An American Muslim who says he was beaten with batons by prison interrogators while held in solitary confinement overseas for more than three...

Oregon Farmer Eaten by Pigs

When Terry Vance Garner failed to return from feeding his pigs, a family member who went to check on him made a horrifying discovery.

Oregon Burglar Falls Asleep While Robbing a House

Here’s a new twist to the phrase “sleeping on the job.” Cristian Villarreal-Castillo was charged with burglary and theft in Rockcreek, Oregon after apparently...