The Vaccine Everyone Wanted

Feb. 23, 1954: The first mass inoculation of children against polio with the Salk vaccine takes place, in Pittsburgh

What it Will Take to End Polio

Franklin Roosevelt never knew the Pakistani babies battling polio today, but he knew their pain. The world is fighting to end that suffering forever

Why Polio is Doomed and Gun Violence Isn’t

It shouldn't take too much courage to stop a scourge that is killing children. Washington's gun cowards could take a lesson from the heroes battling polio

Pakistan Says 2 Died in Attack on Polio Workers

(PESHAWAR, Pakistan) — A Pakistani police official says an attack on a team of polio workers has killed two people, revising a higher toll that was initially...

How India Fought Polio — And Won

A sprawling country with a massive population pulled off one of the greatest public health coups in history

Polio And Politics

A great scourge might soon be gone, but war, mistrust and even the death of Osama Bin Laden could get in the way the children in gadap town like to play tea...

The Final Battle Against Polio?

The poliovirus is tantalizingly close to being eradicated, but Pakistani extremists are standing in the way