Solar Blob Attacks the Earth!

A great eruption known as a coronal mass ejection rattled nerves but did little harm

How to End Blackouts Forever

There is a way to make our grid more resilient and blackouts a thing of the past. Here's how:

Where in the World is Con Ed?

Taking two weeks to restore power is unconscionable. It's also part of a troublesome trend of more and longer outages that point up major flaws in our national...

Panetta Sounds Alarm on Cyber-War Threat

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta issued what he said is a “clarion call” Thursday for Americans to wake up to the growing threat posed by cyber war. “The whole...

The Power Grid: From Rickety to Resilient

August 14, 2003 was a brutally hot day in much of the northeastern U.S. The high temperatures prompted people in cities like Pittsburgh and New York to crank up...

How Vulnerable Is the Power Grid?

The attack could come when we're most vulnerable — a blistering hot July afternoon or a freezing cold January night. Suddenly, vast sections of the U.S. power...

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Attack Ravages Power Grid. (Just a Test.)

(Just a Test. An unprecedented continental-scale war game was intended to determine how prepared the nation is for a cyberattack against electric systems. ...