I Have Never Been a Quitter

"In a sense, Nixon spent his whole life falling and running and falling again. A symbol of the politics of anger, he was one of the most hated figures of his time, and yet he was also the only man in U.S. history ever to be elected twice as Vice President and twice as President. In the White House, he achieved many major goals: the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam, restored relations with China, the first major arms agreement with the Soviet Union and much more. But he will always be remembered, as he was at his death last week at 81, as the chief perpetrator -- and chief victim -- of the Watergate scandal, the only President ever to resign in disgrace."


Exclusive: Our Nixon Trailer

An upcoming documentary offers a unique look at what it was like to work for our 37th President

Nixon at 100: The Layer Cake

This being the week of Richard Nixon's centennial, Swampland will pause briefly each day to take note of the 37th president's special appeal and powers. To kick...

Nixon at 100: “I Am Not a Crook”

As part of Swampland's week-long homage to Richard Nixon's centennial, here's the moment from November 1973 when Nixon defended his record in the Watergate case...

What History Tells Us About Obama’s Chances Now

Even Richard Nixon‘s mother thought he was sick. After the first televised presidential debate in American history on Monday, Sept. 26, 1960 — a contest in which...

Friends and Exes: JFK's Republican Allies

President John F. Kennedy had a slip of paper he liked to carry around in his pocket: 118,574, it read, reminding him of the sliver of votes by which he won the...

Chuck Colson

Charles Colson, who died on April 21 at 80, spent close to half his life atoning for sins. As the hatchet man and master of dirty tricks for Richard Nixon,...

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